Best VPN 2020

Why you would need a VPN? Well a VPN is something that is a must-have on these days especially after the declarations of Edward Snowden. The VPN is an important tool to fight against online censorship, online spying and surveillance programs. Infact the main VPN benefits are that all your Internet traffic (data sent and downloaded) is encrypted via the VPN software and you are completely anonymous online.

That means, when you visit a website your IP address is hidden, because the VPN software is in the middle between you and the website you visit, protecting your real IP address (and so your online identity). It is same when you chat with your friends, your IP is hidden and your traffic is encrypted, so hackers cannot spy your activity on public WiFi hotspots.

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Which VPN is the best VPN? There are many VPN services out there but we can recommend you only one of them, and according to our experience the best VPN for 2020 is HideMyAss! VPN. It is the very best VPN in all aspects: it is very fast, it has 1000+ VPN servers located in every country around the world, it supports streaming sites like Netflix and it can unblock any censored website. We are loyal customers from 5+ years and we never had a single issue so far (we live in UK).

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