Web Proxy vs VPN

Keeping a low profile online these days is very important in order to stay anonymous in terms of your activity, and of course, protecting your privacy. There are different ways to do that, yet among the most popular and the most widely used are proxy and VPN. Below, we will take a look at the differences between web proxy and VPN. We will help you out choose your preferred type so you can dive into the world of the Internet without having to worry about anything!

Web-Based Proxy

One of the most popular ways to get your access to blocked websites is web proxy. It provides an easy way to overcome the blockage vie web browsers, and at the same time hide your IP address. The web-based proxy has its own IP address, so basically, it comes in the middle between your IP address and the blocked website. You will be able to visit remote websites and while having your IP masked behind the proxy IP.

Here are popular web-based proxy sites:

Zend2.comUnited StatesFast
Filterbypass.meUnited StatesFast

The Down Sides of Web Proxies

In theory, this might seem like a perfect way to stay safe on the Internet. Still, web proxy has several disadvantages that you need to be aware of before deciding to use it. First of all, proxies cannot guarantee you a 100% anonymous experience online, and there is always a chance that your IP address is going to be leaked while browsing a website.

Since web proxies are based on web browser, certain websites might be excluded, especially those that provide streaming of videos as for example Hulu or Netflix. Finally, keeping in mind once again that proxies are web browser based, you are not safe from threats that come through public and unsecure WiFi hotspots. The online data you exchange will not be encrypted, meaning that leaks are possible.

Why Use a VPN Service?


VPN services can give you much more protection than the web proxy. By using one such service, your anonymity on the Internet is guaranteed, since the VPN completely hides you IP address. While using the VPN, you can browse any website safely, including the ones which can still be blocked when using a proxy, and additionally, the VPN also applies to apps. You will also be safe from any possible threats coming from unsecure WiFi connections, and no one, not even your IPS can have a record of your activity online.

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